11 Jul 2016 Glam Up Your New Baby
Glam Up Your New Baby

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The Kloof Mall, Bedfordview.

So when it comes to your first child, everything seems important - no matter the cost. But hey, you only become a parent for the first time once so what’s a little splurge here and there for your gorgeous new addition, right? That is exactly why you need to visit Glam Baby.

Now it’s true that sometimes, those ‘must-have’ baby items that you buy stay in your cupboard for years (often unused and unopened), but most of the little things on the market at the moment are just fab, and really make parenthood easier… once you’re done getting used to your new life, that is. 

So while we know you’ve made your way to most baby stores by now – especially the bigger ones – we suggest you take half an hour and visit Glam Baby in The Kloof Mall. And it’s not called Glam Baby for nothing – you’ll find everything any mom and dad could ever need to ensure they have the most glamorous kid in town. 

From adorable couture outfits and designer accessories, to decor fit for a king or queen; this beautiful store will leave you ‘aahing' and ‘oohing' all the way to the counter (where you probably will spend a small fortune). But hey, isn’t it worth it? Your nursery will look fabulous and your little munchkin will be stylish from day one.

By the way, they also stock Stoke prams - for those of you who haven’t seen them, best you go online. They’re trendy, light and just perfect for moms who can barely lift those heavy handbags, nevermind a heavy pram. They also come with gorgeous accessories – trust me I know, I bought them all (FYI, the cup holder is a must ladies!).

The owner, Lulu Antoniadou, is friendly and helpful and will show you how everything works, because when baby comes, there’s no time to read a manual. 

Due to the great success of their gorgeous store, they will be launching an all-exclusive Glam Baby online store, whereby you can shop in the comfort of your own home, or even put together a Glam Baby Gift registry and get gifts delivered directly to the baby shower (hint, hint!). 

Check them out on Facebook and be sure to visit their store before baby’s arrival. You’ll be glad you did.

by Angela

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