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I am a “bumper sticker” girl and love anything that makes me laugh out loud, which is why I think these “write on, write off” T-Shirts are genius because you can create your own captions!

Create your own T-Shirt captions

  My friend Allison sent me the link for Spineless Classics, so you have to thank her profusely for passing on this little gem! Basically, these art works contain the full text from some of the finest classics in history – all on one poster! It’s unbelievable really!    

12 Oct 2011 2 Little Cooks Club
  I am always on the lookout for new things to try with Kayla – she is growing up so fast, and I want to try and spend as much quality time as I can with her while she still thinks I am cool! I discovered the Little Cooks Club via a pamphlet at the recent Taste of Joburg, and can’t wait... Little Cooks Club    

  Visiting one of Joburg’s spectacular food markets is, in itself, a rather fabulous way to spend a Sunday. But combine that with a trip up to the 50th floor of the Carlton Centre to admire the views while you eat your recently purchases market goodies – well, it doesn’t get much ... Enjoy a Sunday Picnic in the Sky    

  I first heard about the inimitable Susan Greig and her fabulous cooking classes about a year ago, and it has taken me THAT long to attend one of her classes and report back to you (don’t judge me, I have been VERY busy!) But really, I could just SLAP myself for having waite... Try a Susan Greig cooking course!    

  So, Kayla is trying to decide what themed party she wants for her birthday, which means I need to start planning her party! Always on the lookout for ways to outsource what I can to ensure that I am not grumpy and stressed on the day, I was quite delighted to find Party Packs ‘n Pi&... Party Packs ‘n Piñatas    

  Stephen is a great fan of sushi – while I mainly enjoy the more tame options! But I love the experience of eating sushi, not to mention watching the art of preparing it. So when I heard about Friday night Sushi School at The Hilton Sandton Hotel, I was keen to check it out! Sushi School – the perfect Friday night out    

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