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I am such a fan of Illovo Junction at the moment. There’s secure parking now, incredible restaurants and little establishments popping up all over the place, but what I didn’t expect to find was the tranquillity and astounding stylishness of Enmasse. I’m officially a fan!

Step out of the city into relaxation paradise!

  I’ve never been a lippy girl – the hassle of having to constantly reapply and that dreadful caked, dry feeling on my lips had me giving up on wearing lipstick years ago.  Until now – I am thrilled to say I have been converted (well almost). I’ve Been Bitten, and Now I’m Smitten!    

  So, my hair often presents a problem to most stylists in that it changes so often that even I rarely know how I want it styled, so when I stepped into the brand spanking new Sorbet Dry Bar in the Dunkeld Centre, I was blown away by the blow out I got. They totally understood exac... There are dry bars and then there are Dry Bars! The better of the two comes with champagne...    

  Philippa (my Revolting General Manager) has been working so hard recently that we decided to send her to the Camdeboo Day Spa and Restaurant at African Pride Irene Country Lodge for the day. (We also then made her write about it, seein... Camdeboo Day Spa and Restaurant at African Pride Irene Country Lodge    

11 Jun 2012 1 Barmy for Balm Balm
  By luck, just the other day, I happened upon a new gem – Balm Balm. At first I thought “Oh, gee, a new lip balm – whoop-dee-doo” and then I actually got my hands on it and can proudly state that iterations of their lip balm now have their place next to my ... Barmy for Balm Balm    

  I went to check out Polish in The Parks Shopping Centre the other day and I swear, it’s turned me into a narcissist! I just can’t stop looking at my hands, or more specifically, my nails! I can’t stop staring at my gorgeous hands!    

  It takes a lot to tempt me away from my tried and tested make-up products, but I was curious to try the Hannon range of make-up after reading some rave reviews. A make-up range you need to look into    

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