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Fabulous news for all you green Darlings out there – I’ve found yet another super fabulously natural skincare and hair care brand. A little while ago I was invited to pop into the Bryanston Organic Market for a peek at the Be Happy brand – a family-run business that is hell bent on manufacturing only the best 100 percent natural products for your skin, hair and pets (that’s right - Fluffy gets to experience its awesomeness too!) Here’s why you an...

A Few Easy Steps To Naturally Happy Skin!

  I’ve never been one of those high maintenance girls – in fact, I’m more the type of girl that hates having all the attention on me. It’s so bad that I even get self conscious when I wear a new piece of clothing for the first time, especially if said piece of clothing is a ... Get Nails That Wow With Ma Cherie Nails!    

  I realised recently that Karma isn’t kind to those who boast. Last year I bragged to you all about how I was blessed with long and luscious eyelashes and then proceeded to go on and on about how my lashes were so long that it was almost a curse. Well, shame on me because not long after writ... Get Longer Lashes In Just One Month With Lash Food!    

  Darlings it’s confession time again! Today I’m going to fill you in on the part of my body that I hate the most (drum roll please) – it’s my eyebrows. Of all the parts on my body, they have disappointed me the most. I’m not really one of those girls who analyses her ... Get The Eyebrows Of Your Dreams With Just Browsing!    

  If there’s one thing I have learned in my twenty seven years of life it’s that you have to take time to indulge in life’s little luxuries. Because life is too short not to experience high tea at the Saxon, own at least one pair of designer shoes or stay at a 5-star hotel at leas... Spoil Yourself Rotten With L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate    

  As strange as this may sound, I used to loathe ‘wasting’ money on manicures. I love having beautifully manicured nails but because my nails hate me, my pretty manicure wouldn’t even last so much as a day before chipping and snagging on equally hateful clothing, handbags, car doo... Gorgeous Nails For Days With Spa Where You Are!    

  There’s no question about it – I am so in love with today’s find and I’m sure you will be too! As you know I love telling you all about my favourite hair salon finds all over Joburg – I trek near and far in search of the most fabulous and most affordable hair salons ... Smooch – A Home Salon Like No Other!    

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