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Happy Monday, Darlings … can you believe that Christmas is almost here? Personally, I can’t wait, I love this season! Anyway, as you know by now, I recently filled my wardrobe with fashionable, cutting-edge pieces from Forever 21 – so get ready to hear about my third and final look.

Forever 21 Has Something For Everyone

  Ok, so remember when I told you that shopping is my passion? Well, around the Christmas season, that passion goes into overdrive! I decided to spoil myself (yes, myself … a girl’s got to take care of herself, right?) at my new fave store Forever 21! Take Your Christmas Shopping To The Next Level    

  Darlings, I have a confession to make … I’m a shopaholic! There I said it – all my fellow shopaholics, please raise your hands. Anyway, thanks to Forever 21’s fashion-forward ensembles, my Christmas wish list is bigger than it’s ever been! The only ... Let Forever 21 Make Your Wishes Come True    

  You know how I’m always on the hunt for Joburg’s best kept secrets, right? Well, I’ve definitely found one in Nakita and Kiss & Tell Makeup Artistry! The truth is, I love makeup, and I love how I look with it on … but trust me when I say that it&rsquo... Get Dolled Up At Kiss & Tell    

  Take a moment and look around you … what do you see? Beauty products everywhere! To add to the confusion, you can find yourself caught between lipstick and lipgloss, and just when you thought you had it figured out, lipglass pulled a drive by on your beauty street to furth... Our Top Beauty Showdowns!    

  Okay, let’s face it … not ALL of us are blessed with super long lashes. Take me for example – I‘ve always been envious of those lucky few that have natural, sky-high lashes, and I've tried absolutely everything under the sun to get said luscious lashes! From lash extensio... Enhance Your Lashes With RapidLash    

  I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s getting pretty toasty here in Jozi! I love warm weather … what I don’t love so much is having my makeup melt off my face as a result of the heat and humidity. I’m sure you feel the same way … right, Darlings? Not ... Five Makeup Secrets For Looking Flawless In The Heat    

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