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Now that we have officially kicked off the Joburg's Darling Wedding Series, I'm even more excited to tell you all about the venue for our Joburg reception. It was quite tricky finding this one because our reception wasn’t going to be an over the top fancy affair, nor could it be a casual dinner at a restaurant. We needed a place that could offer us more than cocktail food, but less than a plated dinner; a venue that didn’t overprice their beverages or venue hire at the sound of we...

Wedding Series: The BEST Food and Service at Punchinello’s!

  I’m counting down the days to the last Friday of this month! Why? Because that means it will once again be time for the brand new Perfect March Food and Beverage Pairing Market! I popped into the exciting new roof-top market at the end of February and loved it so much I&rsq... To Market, To Market... On A Friday Night!    

  There’s no better way to spend an evening than with a glass (or two) of delicious wine in your hand, a plate of yummy grub in front of you and plenty of great conversation.  If you agree wholeheartedly then you are going to l.o.v.e, love what I have in store for you today. Come... You Absolutely Must Come Wine With Us!    

  There’s no doubt about it - the little suburb of Linden is all kinds of amazing! All you need to do to discover something awesome in Linden is take a stroll down 4th Avenue and then keep on exploring onto 7th Avenue and beyond. I recently took yet another trip to Linden and discovered the m... Yummy Buffet Lunch At Crafters And Cravings    

29 Jan 2014 4 Explore Soweto By Bike!
  Ever since I moved up to Joburg I’ve been determined to explore every inch of the city – even the seemingly dark and dingy parts. You see, when I told Capetonians that I was moving to Joburg they looked at me as if I was moving to the Mordor of South Africa. I remember being told to w... Explore Soweto By Bike!    

  Kayla and I have JUST discovered a brand-new kiddies' venue just eight minutes from home! (It had quite literally been open for just a few days when we burst in the doors and nearly kissed the very surprised owner for having the good sense to open a venue in Blairgowrie.) And when we saw the witc... Brand new kiddies' venue in Blairgowrie    

  Before I burst I have to just tell you that I got to hold a lion cub this past weekend and it was incredible. That’s right, a tiny baby lion sat on my lap and I held it like I would hold a bog-standard domesticated dog! And, the best part is I didn’t even have to pay an arm and a leg ... Walk With Lions At Thaba Ya Batswana!    

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