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Things I like more than a massage. Oh, that’s right, nothing! Especially when the pamper sesh is at Woodlands Spa. I. Can. Not. Rave. Enough. And frankly, I’m not even going to bother trying to contain my enthusiasm. Summed up, it’s one of those places that when mentioned causes an involuntary squeal of delight. If you’re in an open plan office, read the next sentence with caution (it’s that darn exciting). I’m giving away a full body massa...

Win A Divine Full Body Massage At Woodlands Spa

  I’ve been hearing whisperings about Sweat1000 and how unbelievably amazing it is for a while now.  The ladies I play netball with were always raving about their bi-monthly ‘Sweat’ fix and so after months of being the only one who hadn’t tried the blas... I Almost Died At Sweat1000 (Based On A Completely True Story)    

  We all need a little help in the beauty department now and again. It’s not like we wake up with supple, smooth, and utterly kissable lips … shhh, I won’t tell if you don’t. With so many lip balms available, its enough to send any girl into a dizzy-spin. So what do I want ... Read My Lips – I Love Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm    

  I’ve heard them all … “Are you single-handedly supporting the sunscreen industry?” and “If only your teeth were as white as your legs.” My favourite? “You could give the Cullen family (as in Twilight) a run for their money.” Being fair-skinned I&rs... Sun Kissed With TanOrganic    

  The key to surviving Monday? A touch of denial, loads of caffeine and something exciting to look forward to – like ice-cold craft beer at the brand-spanking new Copperlake Brew Pub. Yes, I know it’s still early but if you think about it (really hard) beer is made out ... Copperlake Brew Pub Has Finally Opened!    

  I get it. Nothing can cheer you up quite like a little bit of pampering, especially after one hellishly long week labouring over the laptop, working your fingers (quite literally) to the bone. It gets worse … you catch your reflection in a mirror, only to realize there’s a reason the... Polish – They’ve Nailed It. Again.    

  I’ve never been one of those girls who plasters on make-up but every now and then, when I have a fancy shindig to go to I find myself wishing that I knew how to create the perfect look for the occasion. I have loads of make-up at home but to be honest I’m not very adventurous with it ... Learn Everything You Need to Know to Do Your Own Make-Up!    

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