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It's not often that a proudly South African product comes along and disrupts the flow of old and trusted beauty brands. Darlings, meet Kahve, the lekker local beauty scrub that's going to rock your world.

Ladies, I'm about to blow your mind with a little bit of a head-scratching fun fact. One of the latest and greatest local beauty products on the market, Kahve, is the brainchild of a manly man Super Rugby player named Tim Whitehead. Yup, you read that right - the guy who plays centre for WP is not only nice to look at. Together with business partner Stuart Black, the two created a coffee-based body scrub that's been hitting the spot for me times ten. 

Kahve, Turkish for coffee, has arrived just in time for summer and will leave your skin silky smooth and exfoliated to the max... Hey, that sounds about right, seeing as my skin had a tough time this winter. Kahve scrubs are designed and manufactured in South Africa from the most eco-friendly ingredients and practices, making skin rejuvenation and nourishment its sole priority. Promoting even tone and a radiant glow, while leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.Seeing as it's made from freshly roasted and grounded coffee beans, Kahve has a shelf life of 18 months unopened and should be used within four months of opening. 

"But where can I buy my very own Kahve scrubs?" I hear my lovely darlings yell. Well, I love you so much that I twisted an arm or three at Kahve and we're giving you, Darling readers, a pretty discount (how does 15% sound??) when you use this affiliate link: https://kahveskin.com/discount/JoburgsDarling (the discount will apply automatically once you check out).

Check the brand out on Instagram @kahve.skin and follow the #thatkahveglow

by Shenise

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