Darlings, you are in for a treat this time around. Let me tell you all about these three strange blue guys who prance around, make interesting music and make people laugh at the same time.

So, What's the Blue Man Group All About

  You've heard your friends talk about 44 Stanley but you're not too sure what it is. Well, let's introduce you to the Beer Yard. Now, now don't fret too quickly at the word "beer" - they've got awesome cocktails too.  So, What's 44 Stanley All About?    

  It’s a new year with new beginnings and new ideas, so why not take a new approach to gift giving? Few presents are as universal, appreciated, savoured or devoured as chocolate. This makes My Chocolate Box the ideal choice for a present, especially when it’s delivered on your behalf, t... A Chronic Chocolate Subscription? You Bet!    


Working out, chilling in the park, or going for a jog has all become so much easier since I was introduced to IFROGZ. Boil the kettle, grab a cup o...

Staying Active Has Never Sounded This Good    

31 Jan 2017 2 The Easiest Way To Relax
  Darlings, I recently discovered this health drink that's made up of love, happiness, and good vibes... and a bunch of science stuff. But let's concentrate on why we're introducing Tranquini to you.  The Easiest Way To Relax    

20 Dec 2016 Tanning Up a Storm
  Most sun screens are just that - sun screen. You slap it on, go for a swim and turn into a prawn an hour later. Well, that was until BABOR came along and turned boring old suncare into a brilliant and beautiful beauty product.  Tanning Up a Storm    

  Every now and then a makeup range comes along that just turns the whole game on its head. With the new line of LCN products it's all about putting some brains behind the beauty doo-das they offer. Come with me as I explore what makes an LCN product. We All Deserve To Look Beautiful