It's not often that a proudly South African product comes along and disrupts the flow of old and trusted beauty brands. Darlings, meet Kahve, the lekker local beauty scrub that's going to rock your world.

A Coffee Scrub Made In Heaven... Not Really

  Darlings, let's talk about blemishes. Be it caused by acne or just a bad breakout, I've had my fair share. After years of trial and error, elixers and snake skin oils, I've had enough - it was time to bring out the big guns, so to speak. Review: Dr. Schrammek's Blemish Balm    

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  Darlings, I have no idea if I should let the cat out of the bag yet but... I can't keep it in any longer. This is a little post to say thank you for all your support and helping us to win the Best Of Joburg 2017 Let's Make It Rain Dom Perignon    

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