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Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a good old fashioned home cooked meal and for most people there’s no one in the world that cooks better than their mom. To this day I’m yet to taste a vegetable soup or roast chicken that is better than my mother’s, and not even I (her own flesh and blood) can recreate the magic that went into those dishes. For me those dishes are comfort food personified and I so badly wish I had the key to making them myself.  I might not have 24/7 access to my mother’s home cooking but I’ve managed to find the next best thing right here in Joburg! It’s called My Way Foods and, apart from hiding your gran in your kitchen cupboard, it’s the simplest way to have a home cooked meal anytime you want!

My Way Foods offers Joburgers a little taste of home by offering a full range of pre-made traditional British dishes at affordable prices. The little home industry of sorts is run by Marion Kirkman from her home in Malanshof, Randburg but that doesn’t mean it’s a small operation. Marion started the business four years ago and today she supplies her tasty homemade treats to shops all over Joburg, and even handles additional orders for customers to collect directly from her.

The range includes Steak Pudding (350g), Mushy Peas (250g/500g), Yorkshire Puddings (pack of 6) and Gravy (250g) and I just love how easy everything is to prepare. The steak puddings and mushy peas take just 4 minutes to prepare in the microwave (from frozen!) and the Yorkshire Puddings just 20 – 25 minutes in the oven.

I got to test the steak puddings, Yorkshire puddings and mushy peas and loved it all. The Yorkshire Puddings were particularly delicious; I love that they’re individually packaged so you can cook as many as you need at a time. I was also super impressed by the quality of meat in the steak puddings (no fat in sight) and the pudding is completely stuffed with meat. If you’re not sure what steak pudding is, they’re similar to Yorshire puddings in that they’re soft on the outside like a dumpling. I’d never had them before this and now I absolutely love them. They’re perfect to keep in the freezer at work when you need a quick lunch, or at home when you need to grab a wholesome dinner on the run.

What’s more everything in the range is incredibly well priced and affordable (with items starting from as little as R15). To place your orders or find stockists in Joburg contact Marion directly using the contact details above.

by Crystal

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