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When I get home, I can go from work wear to pyjamas in 2.5 seconds flat. And in winter, I pretty much live in my PJs … some may call it lazy, but I call it ‘going green’ - I’m just doing my bit to save water and energy. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to love today’s find - Layzzzee Dayzzz Sleepwear

I live in my Layzzzee Dayzzz Sleepwear … unless I’m going somewhere or someone is about to come over – even then it’s iffy. Considering how much time we spend in jammies (hopefully, at least eight hours a night, right?), it’s important that they tick all the boxes. 

Great fabric – tick! Made from pure cotton, these jammies are good quality too. Not only will they last for yonks (cotton becomes stronger when it is wet), it’s a great wash-and-wear fabric that will outlast synthetic or inferior quality materials. Cotton is also dust-mite resistant as well as hypoallergenic, and kind to sensitive skin (it’s great for people with allergies or asthma).

Seriously comfy – tick! Once you’ve worn pure cotton clothing you won’t want to wear anything else – it feels great against your skin and moves comfortably so you’ll drift off happily to dream land every night. Clothing made from pure cotton is also great for improved air circulation and it absorbs body moisture.

Great designs – tick! Back in the day, the only people who wore pyjamas were silk-robed Downton Abbey types or little boys in Ben 10 tees. You’re going to want to check out the online store for a modern update on good ol’ jammie-jams. I love the Dalmatian print ladies strap top (R155) and matching pants with a tie band (R265). So … next time you get unexpected visitors, you won’t go a brighter shade of red when you’re caught wearing an old stained tee. I also love the little girls’ pumpkin shorts (R125). There are also great plain tees for the boys (R165). 

Flattering fit – tick! These pyjamas will suite most body types and there are great winter and summer options. So whether you’re lounging around the house, baking, reading (or saving water like me) you’ve got to get your hands on a few items from Layzzzee Dayzzz Sleepwear. If being in PJs all day is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

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by Samantha

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