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Darlings, have you ever wondered what Vilakazi Street might taste like as a cocktail? How about Alice Lane? Perhaps the Rand Club is more your flavour? Well, wonder no more! Thanks to the stylish cocktail bar in Bryanston that is The Landmark Bar, you can now explore our buzzing city like never before – in liquid form, that is.

So how did I stumble across this phenomenal place, you ask? So, a few short months back, a group of friends and I had made a dinner reservation at Café Del Sol Botanico … and, we were shown to The Landmark, which is right next door to the restaurant, while we waited for our table. We learned then that The Landmark and Café Del Sol are in fact partner establishments. Anyway, what a brilliant find! 

From the minute you enter The Landmark, you’re sure to be overwhelmed by the rich, warm décor, the high ceiling, and the names of different cocktails plastered on the walls. Take a seat at the gorgeous bar, or sit back and relax on a plush couch in the lounging area, and get ready to take your taste buds on a journey!

Something I found really special about this bar from the minute I took a seat was their ‘100 classic cocktails to taste before you die list’. On this list, you’ll find cocktails under the categories of ‘citrus’, ‘boozy’, ‘tall’, ‘refreshers’, ‘creamy’, ‘fruity’, ‘savoury’, ‘hot’ and ‘herbal’ (and, yes, I plan to try all one hundred before I die!). 

On this particular evening, my friends and I decided to all order different drinks … each cocktail we ordered was uniquely presented and absolutely divine! Every drink presented its own flavour explosion – I was actually blown away by how the details of each cocktail was considered. The ingredients are sourced fresh and the bartenders are exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about their art!

I loved every drink I sipped on, but the ones that really stood out to me were the Bellini (white peach, prosecco and Parma ham – yes, Parma ham!), the Rand Club (Islay Single Malt, ginger liqueur, lemon, demerara sugar, Angostura Butters and liquorice tea smoke), and the Radium (vintage brandy, Speyside Single Malt, Peychauds Bitters, honey, egg, dark ale and tavern vapour). In terms of presentation, I adored the Alice Lane, which was served in a flaming teapot, and the Muay Thai (pronounced “Ma Ta” in a typical Joburg boy’s accent, according to the bartenders who have a great sense of humour!), served in a tribal glass and garnished with tropical fruit.

In addition to their extravagant cocktail menu, The Landmark also has an extensive list of fine wines and craft beers … and, you can be sure that they take their wines and beers just as seriously as their cocktails! Their wines in particular are all sourced from well-known estates in South Africa, with some rare vintages from around the world, complementing Café Del Sol’s Italian style and flavour. And, for if you were wondering, yes – you can order dishes from next door while you toss back a few drinks at The Landmark. The beer list, on the other hand, rotates every three months to offer styles for each new season.

In my opinion, what makes The Landmark particularly unique is that it’s all about context. Gareth Wainwright, the brains behind the bar, sends his barmen out into the streets with the sole purpose of creating cocktails they think resonate with specific locations … it’s part of his creation process – how awesome is that?

The Landmark is hopefully a sign of new things to come on the Joburg nightlife scene. It’s a pity it’s in a mall, but trust me – once you walk through those doors, you’re transported into a wonderful world of flavour! It’s a perfect spot for after work drinks, a girl’s night, or a night out … and, you’re sure to be back more than once and not grow tired of what’s on offer, as Gareth refreshes his cocktail menu every six months to keep things interesting. Go pay this fabulous place a visit for yourselves, Darlings! You won’t be sorry.

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by Candice

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