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I’ve noticed that boutique chocolates have been dipping their toes in and out of the SA market for a number of years now and they seem to have finally dived right in because, much to my delight, I’m seeing them all over the place now! The tricky bit now, of course, is to find the really outstanding ones among all the milk chocolate hazelnut pralines straight out of yawnsville. That’s why I was thrilled to get my package from Faithful-to-nature.co.za (featured last week) and in it, discover Honest – a truly outstanding box of confectionary that won’t soon be forgotten.

I was first put off by the no-fun list of attributes: raw, organic (okay, that’s not necessarily no-fun), sugar-free , dairy-free and pricier than the average – I like healthy and natural, but don’t mess with my chocolate. Like the trooper I am, however, I thought I’d give it a go anyway and boy am I glad I did! I got the bonbons (R49 for four fat, dense, beautifully packaged bonbons) and as soon as I took my first bite, I was a convert.

That little box ended up lasting a whole week because I savoured each rich bite! I also then sought out their bars (the salt one is my favourite!) and their chocolate spread that is not for sharing (it’s that good). The fact that it’s raw and contains agave instead of sugar means that it’s healthy, so it’s totally fine that I’m eating so much of it...

I made hot chocolate with one of the bonbons and it was the best I’ve ever had!
If you want to give it a try:

  • One bonbon (I had the mint one)
  • 175ml milk (soy milk works beautifully)
  • A tiny pinch of salt
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • A pinch of dried ginger

Heat the milk and whisk in the rest vigorously (use a blender if you have one). You will have little bits in it, but you won’t care, trust me.

See their website for local outlets

by Sarah

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