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As you probably know the Banting diet lifestyle has taken South Africa by storm. Everywhere you go people are talking about their new-found low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) way of eating and so it was only a matter of time before shops, restaurants and super markets cottoned on to the fact that they needed to cater to this new market. We’ve seen Banters being embraced everywhere and Joburg’s Darling is no exception. Today’s find is all about helping Banters find the goodies they need to lead a LCHF lifestyle at home because let’s face it, finding all this stuff can be a bit of a schlep! Here’s why you need to visit the Jozi Banting online store and see how they’re making sure that eating LCHF is as easy as pie.

If you are an avid Banter then you will probably know that sourcing the correct ingredients to make Banting meals at home is tough. Chantelle, owner of Jozi Banting and self-confessed Banter, decided to open the online store when she realised just how frustrating shopping for the Banting lifestyle can be.  She was constantly being told that stores were sold out of Coconut Flour, Almond Flour, Psyllium Husks, and Organic Coconut oil and so realised she needed to do something about it. Today Jozi Banting supplies Joburgers with everything they need to lead a LCHF diet with ease. Just visit the site, click on the goodies you want and then wait for them to arrive at your door 24 hours later.

The online store offers shoppers everything from low-carb wraps and bread to carb-free pitas, granola, pancake batter, pizza bases and more at reasonable prices that won’t completely break the bank. Feeling like a sarmie for lunch? Their low-carb bread will set you back R25 per pack of 8 slices while their low-carb wrap will set you back R25 for 8 wraps. For dinner there’s carb-free pasta at R75 a bag or a carb-free pizza (made from almond, linseed and oat to give it that crispy texture) at R23 per pizza base. And to snack on? You can dig into their low-carb pies (true story!) at R25 per small pie or their low-carb biscuits at R100 per box of 30 biscuits. As for the raw ingredients you can pick up Psyllium Husks at R155 for 400g, Coconut Flour at R93 for 600g and Free Range Duck Fat at R90 for 250g or R130 for 500g.

All of these goodies and more can be ordered via the website and delivered straight to your door – unfortunately they don’t have collection facilities just yet.
You can also follow Chantelle’s Banting blog on the site for tips and tricks on the Banting lifestyle.

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