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I’ve never been one of those girls who plasters on make-up but every now and then, when I have a fancy shindig to go to I find myself wishing that I knew how to create the perfect look for the occasion. I have loads of make-up at home but to be honest I’m not very adventurous with it and when it comes to getting all dolled up, I don’t know much more than how to do the basics like foundation, eyeshadow and mascara. So, in an attempt to improve my ‘skills’ I signed up for a makeup workshop at Just Make-up Bar and left feeling inspired, informed and so ready to spruce myself up for my next big night out. Here’s why you simply must enroll in one of their make-up workshops stat!

You might remember Just Browzing from a few months ago when I reviewed their super awesome brow shaping services (my brows are still going strong by the way - Michelle is a genius!) well today I am going to tell you all about a new-ish side of the business that is too cool for words; Just Make-up Bar. I believe that every woman needs the skills to create a basic make-up look that will make her feel pretty for those special occasions in life. Whether you are heading off for a first date with the man of your dreams, hitting the town for a girls night or sparkling at a work function, having the basic skills to create the perfect look for any occasion is a must! The only problem is that most women have absolutely no clue what they are doing - we might think; “Hey I know how to apply my foundation, how difficult can it be?” But there’s so much more to it and trust me, after just one session with the Just Make-up Bar team you will be amazed at how little you don’t know but also excited at just how easy it is to learn when you have the right teacher.

I went through to Just Make-Up Bar in Parkmore for a quick lesson with the team and came out a changed woman! The workshop was 3 hours and my make-up artist showed me everything from how to correctly match my foundation and concealer and which eyeshadow, lipstick and blush colours suited my skin tone to how to correctly apply my make-up and which tools to use for each step. It was an incredible enlightening 3 hours and I loved that I also got to take my make-up and tools along for an assessment of what was working for me and what wasn’t. It turned out that I was using the wrong shade of foundation but once I learned the tricks on how to buy the correct shade I was on my way success. I also learned some nifty application tricks and didn’t realise that I have been applying my eyeshadow all wrong this whole time.

During my lesson I learned how to create a natural day look and how to easily transform my look from day to night. I loved that the Just Make-up Bar team (who are all trained make-up professionals) are not judgemental and don’t make you feel like a fool for not knowing all this complicated make-up stuff. Instead they make sure you are comfortable and guide you through the process gently. You also get the opportunity to try the techniques yourself with your teacher watching so they can be sure you’ve got it nailed before you walk out the door. I was also impressed with their motto; “make-up should enhance a woman’s face not decorate it.” They believe in the natural approach and I’m all for looking natural!

The Just Make-up Bar offers a range of workshops including Make-up 101 (an Informative and Practical 90 minute make-up session - R680 per person), Hands-on Make-up Session ( a 2.5 hr session that involves you watching each step taken on one side of your face and then repeating it under your teacher’s guidance on the other - R880 per person) and Just Teen Make-up (an age-appropriate lesson for 13 - 17 year olds on how to make-up choices and techniques to boost confidence - from R450 per person for 1 hour). The Just Make-up Bar team also offer make-up for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

The Just Make-up Bar workshops are available for bookings from the beginning of March but make sure you book your spot now to avoid disappointment!

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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8 April 2018 at 08:37 pm
Vanessa Morais I am interested in learning to apply make up properly. Just a day / natural look.

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