24 Nov 2017 Meet Inoar's Kalice
Meet Inoar's Kalice

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Hey, darlings, it's your beauty product guru, Shenise here with a brand spanking new product that I simply have to share with you. They say that beauty secrets should not be shared, but I adore you dearly, so pull up a chair and let me tell you all about Inoar's new wonder product.

According to their press release, Inoar's Kalice is a premium multifunctional product with vitamin E and 7 precious vegetable oils (Argan, Myrrh, Macadamia, Ojon, Sweet Almond, Jasmine & Rosenary) for hair, body and face. This special combination is moisturising, nourishing, restorative, protective and softening but with a light touch. In one step, Kalice penetrates deeply with a subtle aroma.

That's lovely and all but is it the answer to beautiful, soft and healthy hair? Well, you know me. I wouldn't be posting something if it wasn't worth your while... and this is. Times ten. This "elixir" is rich in Vitamin A, C and E which protects your hair from harmful agents. I took Inoar up on a treatment, you know to see if it's not all smoke and mirrors so to speak. And low and behold, it actually worked. After the treatment I just wanted to cuddle my hair, maybe buy it chocolates and take it out on a date... well, not quite but you know what I mean. 

Do yourself a favour and try it out for yourself. At R780 a bottle (don't quote me on that) it's an investment in healthy hair. 

by Shenise

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