Montblanc Concept Store Hits Sandton City

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Every now and then a concept store comes along that leaves the darlings in awe. That's exactly what happened when we attended the launch of Montblanc's concept store at Sandton City. 

The 119 m² boutique, designed by French designer and interiors architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is Montblanc’s first neo concept boutique in the region, a design which allows for dedicated areas within the space for the three core categories in Montblanc’s portfolio: writing instruments, watches and jewellery, and leather goods. 

The selection of refined materials inside the boutique not only express the Maison’s European codes of elegance and spirit of craftsmanship but also serve to identify each category by the distinct materials with which they are usually associated. Watchmaking is brought to life through the use of bronze-sheen brass, leather and wood; black leather and walnut wood reflect the Maison’s leather goods expertise; while lacquers and fine metals evoke writing instruments and jewellery.

Visitors to the concept store can expect an interesting writing instrument experience at the back of the boutique with products experts. Find the latest in writing equipment design exclusive to Montblanc. The Leather Atelier encapsulates all the distinctive elements of fine Italian leather with a “touch and feel” experience that includes a unique leather library containing more than 50 different skins inside bound books. Collections on display include the recently launched Montblanc Urban Spirit Collection, with elegant, functional pieces for the travelling urbanite.

The best way to experience the Montblanc concept store is by visiting it in person. Be sure to swing by and let us know what you think of this fine establishment - we are sold on it times ten.


by Shanise

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