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Shop 6 Woodmead Value Mart; Waterval Crescent; Woodmead.

I’m absolutely obsessed with throwing parties – especially dress-up parties. Costumes, funky decor, fabulous food, music – what’s not to love? I have however come to realise that not everyone shares my love of themed parties – and by ‘not everyone’ I mean men. Men just don’t appreciate the fabulousness of a good dress up party (if I had 5 cents for every time I’ve heard a man complain about a dress up party I’d own a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag by now). But that’s why God made women – without us parties would consist of nothing more than a bowl of potato chips on a table (no table cloth in sight), a crate of warm beer and a laptop cranking tunes in the corner. Luckily for us ladies God also made places like Flowerspot – a heavenly one-stop party shop in Woodmead – so throwing a stellar party is just that much easier!

Flowerspot is a little bit like what I’d imagine party heaven to be – it’s packed with everything you could possibly need. From boxes galore and dress-up costumes, to vases and sweets – you name it, they probably have it. But be warned: this shop tends to suck you in – I don’t think I’ve ever been able to just pop in there for a few minutes. I almost always end up walking down every aisle saying “ooh what’s down here” (and yes I say it out loud, I feel it adds to the excitement of it all) as I go. I also almost always end up spending way more money than I planned to and end up traipsing around the store with handfuls of paraphernalia that’s just too cute and cool to leave behind.

If you’ve got little ones then you’ll instantly fall in love with this gem of a store as they’ve got tons and tons of cool stuff for kiddie’s parties – I’m talking character balloons, paper plates, serviettes, decorations, sweets, and so much more. They’ve also got tons of fun goodies for grown up parties like cocktail glasses, candles and all sorts of fun hats and funky table decorations. And, if you’re throwing a naughty get-together for a girlfriend’s bachelorette party then you absolutely have to pay a visit to Flowerspot! They’ve got a secret little room at the back of the store that is filled with fun and raunchy items that your girlfriends will just love.

I also love that everything in the store is so reasonably priced – you can get a ton of fun party stuff for a steal. Some items are pricier than others but you’ll be able to get everything you need to throw a killer party without shelling out too much cash. Trust me, your party shopping will never be the same again after a trip to this little spot.

by Crystal

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21 February 2017 at 02:37 pm
vanessa Good afternoon, Please advise the cost of your bulk rolls of wrapping paper: red stripes red spots black stripe black spots I am involved in the decor of a marquee for a hockey festival and we would like to use wrapping paper as table runners. Do you sell n bulk? Please advise. Many thanks Vanessa Brink

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