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Darlings, let's talk about blemishes. Be it caused by acne or just a bad breakout, I've had my fair share. After years of trial and error, elixers and snake skin oils, I've had enough - it was time to bring out the big guns, so to speak.

Fifty years ago, cosmetician Christine Schrammek developed a tinted cream against blemishes which has since become a beauty trend worldwide.  She called her cream Blemish Balm (against blemishes). If acne or blemishes have you frustrated with your skin, look no further.

Originally, Blemish Balm was used to sooth stressed skin and conceals redness after a Green peel treatment (which is replacing the old charcoal masks, mark my word). Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and calming effect; but as soon as the cream was introduced it soon became clear that Blemish Balm offers many other application possibilities as well.

The BB Cream/Blemish Balm of Dr SCHRAMMEK derma.cosmetics skincare has become a “cult” product and a must-have for every makeup bag. The wonder balm assists with a variety of skin problems and provides coverage, protection, and an even flawless complexion.

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by Shenise

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