07 Mar 2017 Reviewing Baby Tastes
Reviewing Baby Tastes

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Motherhood comes with a lot of work, and admit you’re not always mentally prepared for. When your baby is approaching the stage where he/ she can eat solids, what to start them off with can be quite tricky. I found myself trying to figure out what my mother gave me and sisters and if we actually liked it as a baby. This was as unrealistic as it sounds.

Luckily, Baby Tastes approached me just in the nick of time. Offering natural and vegan-friendly food for babies starting on solids for the very first time, my worries were eased. My daughter had her very first mashed butternut and although feeding her was initially messy because she wanted to feed herself, she managed to finish the entire serving to my delight and surprise. The second time around she had the mashed sweet potato and loved it! Of course, as a mother, I had a taste of both before feeding her and I were very impressed by the freshness and rich taste of both. 

The meals come pre-prepared and frozen in resealable packs. Preservative and colourants free, these meals are all the more healthier for your baby and easy on his/ her tummy. You also get the meals offered for different age groups. My daughter is currently on Stage 1 – Tweenies eating plan for 6 to 8 months babies, she just turned 6 months. But there is food going all the way up to adults. So if you live a very busy and demanding life that leaves you with little or no time to cook, Baby Tastes and Exquisite Tastes is just the thing you need! You can order online and have your meal promptly delivered to you without any issues. Or visit one of their outlets.


by Cleo

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