Top 5 Fragrances To Celebrate The Spring Season

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Spring is in the air, Darlings! As the flowers begin to bloom and the colours come to life, it might just be time to trade in those warm and strong fragrances for something lighter, fresher, a little more whimsical … but just as powerful! I went on the hunt for the Top 5 fabulously fresh fragrances to help you celebrate the spring season. 


1. Gucci Bamboo For Women 

Gucci never disappoints, and if the new Gucci Bamboo fragrance for her is anything to go by, these guys are on one hell of a mission to be crowned the king (or queen) of scents. This fragrance screams sexy and confident in an enthralling yet far-from-overbearing manner. What better way to step into the beautiful spring season than draped in total awe-inspiring confidence? Price: R835 - R1 490.


2. Jimmy Chooo Blossom 

I adore the colour pink, so Jimmy Choo gets it just right with Blossom’s girly but elegant pink bottle boasting different shades of the colour. I’m not going to lie … appearance is half the appeal for me! As far as the actual fragrance goes, it’s definitely in my top two. It is quite bold in its floral and fruitiness and reminds me of walking in a labyrinth of infinite roses. Other ingredients include raspberry and sweet pea, followed by a base of sandalwood and white musk. You can’t go wrong with Jimmy (yes, yes, we’re on a first name basis!). Price: R850 - R1 681.


3. Thierry Mugler Angel Au Sucree 2015

It’s described as a ‘decadent scent of sinful pleasures’ but I personally find it quite innocent and endearing, and that’s exactly the selling point for me (it's not called ‘Angel’ for nothing!). This remarkably uncomplicated fragrance is composed of juicy accords of red berry sorbet, sweet caramel and meringue cream with patchouli and vanilla in the base, achieving an addictively youthful and unpretentious scent (and one which perfectly captures the softness of spring!). Price: R695.


4. DKNY Be Delicious Women Fresh Blossom 

The name of this fragrance pretty much sums it up. If, like an exotic fruit, you long to be delicious, then this little treasure by DKNY is a fitting potion. It’s a very refreshing and uplifting fragrance, as gentle and airy as the first few days of spring, but laced with just the right ingredients to have you feeling like the only girl in the world! Free spiritedness meets light-hearted self-assurance in this super charming and iconic bottle. Price: R645 - R1 050.


5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever

In the spirit of saving the best for last, Marc Jacobs has outdone itself with this absolutely daring creation! This is the holy grail of fragrances and no one can convince me otherwise. It’s for the unapologetic female who takes complete pride in her femininity – she’s audacious, in control, spicy, sassy, classy, powerful and expensive! When she walks by, she leaves the world spinning behind her. Seriously, no one can ruin your day when you smell this great and, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t mind being the only one who smells like this. Price: R770 – R1 400.


All five fragrances are available at Edgars and Red Square stores so go get your spring on!

by Brigette

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