Top Hairdos To Have This Season

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Darlings, it’s summer, it’s the change of season, it’s holiday time – and that means, new fashion, new trends and new beginnings so why not try something fashionista’s around the world are trying – a new hairdo? 

Well why do something different, be bold and get something that you’ve never tried before. 

Pixie Cut

Follow Victoria Beckham's trend and style up your hair into a fresh pixie cut. This is an easy-going hairstyle that screams summer. why not play around with colour too? Go on, allow the air to flow through your hair – plus it’s real quick and easy to style too. 

Long and Wavy 

If you prefer to keep it simple why not try out a long and wavy weave that shouts confident and bold? This a beautiful hairdo for all those dinners with friends or Christmas lunch with the family. It even looks better with a fringe to compliment your facial structure. 

French Plait

For all those who love to keep it intact and simple – two French plait are a must have – after all, we’re all about trying something new right? This is a hairdo that won’t have you worrying about styling each time you go out. Plus, if you’re all about travelling this season –  this is a easy to maintain hairdo.

Deep Curls

Got curls? Why not embrace your natural texture and rock your curls freely? The curly hairdo is a style that requires confidence and display boldness. Plus, this is another hairdo that doesn’t require much styling – all you need is spritzed hairspray and you’re good to go. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Long Sleek Hair

This has to be by far the simplest hairdo of them all. But a simple as this is, remember to watch out for those split ends or that little hair strand that may stand out.  This hairdo is also most fabulous with added colour too. Go on bring out the Noami Campbell in you. 

So there you have it – a new hairdo, a new you! Get the look, own it, love it, show it off and enjoy the compliments coming your way. 

by Neo

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