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My Monday was ten times better than yours. Why? Because it started off at Eagle Canyon Day Spa. I know, I know, you hate me. It’s okay, though … I’m so blissed out right now that I don’t even mind. Let me tell you about the divine treatment I received.

Eagle Canyon Day Spa is stunning. There is no better word to describe it. Set on a golf course, with lush rolling greens all around … my colleague, Fallyn, and I were each treated to a Hot Lava Shell Massage. But first, we started off in the change room, where we were given gowns and slippers to wear (aren’t those just the best?). Then we filled out a consultation form in the Relaxation Room, where we specified our chosen massage pressure – hard, please! 

The Hot Lava Shell Massage is kind of like a hot stone massage, only shells are used instead of stones. The shells allow for a deeper massage, which goes directly to the core of the muscle. The shells also give off calcium ions when activated by natural ingredients, which means that Fallyn and I both ended up with skin that felt renewed, firm and had a healthy glow. 

During the massage, our therapists used their hands, elbows and the shells, which meant that the pressure varied – it was so nice and relaxing and I definitely felt all my muscle tension melt away … in fact, I almost dosed off! My treatment ended off with a soothing head massage – too divine. 

After our treatments, the super-friendly therapists, who were more than accommodating, even brought each of us a little snack! So, if you’re looking to treat yourself or someone special, Eagle Canyon Day Spa is the perfect place to go. Goodbye, stress – hello bliss!

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by Nikki

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