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(011) 447 2595
44; 11th street; Parkhurst.

Motmot, so boldly named after the family of birds including the ultra-colourful kingfishers and bee-eaters, is THE new spot to by accent pieces for your tables and mantle-pieces! Owner, George, has selected a fine array of ceramics, vintage styled, French nouveau candies and assorted homeware according to the suitability of the trend-conscience Joburg home.

He certainly supports local crafts, but he also has style and trends at the forefront of his mind as he has also brought in gorgeous Italian glassware and Scandinavian ceramics to line up on his ingeniously placed and presented shelves; making sure that you are not buying for an agenda, but for a home.

It’s not often that I veer too far off the path of 4th Avenue when I venture into Parkhurst (now rendered commercially questionable by its new parking costs), but I find that more and more, I am rewarded beyond my expectations. Motmot in particular is a fantastic spot to visit as its more than adequate parking space and uniquely creative window displays (a floaty wall of coloured ribbons!) welcome you and your wallet in.

I just love the way that he has set out the shop with its big cushy sofas, giant wheel of fun items-of-interest and perfectly lit shelves of must-haves. I insist that you have a look!

by Sarah

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12 June 2012 at 06:13 am
Carlos Mandy on February 16, 2010 J'adore le Paul Love the water bottles and have so far found two faohisn bottles at Giovanni's (Jean Paul Gaultier and Lacroix, both of which are on my window sill as vases) so will definitely be eyeballing the fridge for the beautiful Paul Smith one. Thanks for the post, it reminded me how happy stripes make me!
30 May 2012 at 05:50 pm
Gail I have been to this amazing new store! It is even better than it looks with top quality goods. Everything is perfection. Don't miss it.
23 May 2012 at 11:05 am
Carla C Viana Wow such stylish decor ! Love the homeware displays at Motmot :D and that teapot is so UNIQUE, what a trendy gift to serve tea for my guests and friends YES PLEASE ! Thanks for sharing this trendy gorgeous homeware shop at Parkhurst, a definite visit on my radar shopping list !

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