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Darlings, spring has sprung and I am loving it. I took a leisured stroll through Linden yesterday just so that I could smell the scent of the neighbourhood gardens cooking under the African sun. Well, that was part of the reason I went for a walk... The other? I am on a mission to take back the body I had eight years ago. One week in and let me tell you about my journey so far. 

With getting my "body back", it's pretty much on the nose when it comes to the route I've taken. There's this thing called the BodyBack challenge that a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend's friend (or something like that) told me about. BodyBack is an elite Mobile Personal Training company based in Johannesburg South Africa. Anyway, BodyBack’s highly qualified personal trainers provide sessions for their clients at home, a nearby park, or even the office- wherever they want. 

That's all good and well, but how does it work? It's pretty cool. You'll want to take note of this. You visit the site, sign up, and BodyBack will pair you or your group (you can train in groups, btw) up with a personal trainer in your area. How cool is that? Pretty nifty if you ask me. But wait - it gets better. The price. Darlings, oh the price is so good. We all know (well, most of us anyway), that personal trainers are super expensive... but not BodyBack. In fact the bigger the group you train with the cheaper it becomes. At the time of writing a solos session costs between R300 - R360 (which is way cheaper than the old personal trainer bill), a two on one session costs R420 to R480 (the costs can be split between a buddy and yourself), and then a three on one goes for R490 to R550. Now, from having dealt with personal trainers in the past I can tell you that BodyBack is the kind of thing that's going to disrupt the industry quite a bit. And that is a good thing - if the system does not change we tend to become stale. 

BodyBack prides itself in its 10-week challenge (that's why I go for more walks these days - to prep for this challenge). This pairs personal fitness sessions with a great meal plan... and we all know that the other gym is the kitchen *giggles*. The website itself is user-friendly, takes seconds to master and is filled with top tricks and tips to take full advantage of the BodyBack challenge. 

So, visit the BodyBack website and join me on this quest to look eight years younger. Strength in numbers, darlings. We can do this together. The 10-week challenge starts on 02 October 2017. 

by Shenise

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