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Darlings life is too short to wear boring clothes. Think about it; when you’re 105 and lying on your death bed will you be thinking how happy you are that you went through life wearing nothing but comfy cardigans and grey, lots of grey? The answer is no (if the answer is yes then today’s find probably isn’t for you) because sometimes you need to let your freak flag fly high and have a little bit of fun with your clothes. If you’re the type of gal who likes to make a statement then you’re going to love Kelzies Tights and Leggings – an online store that sells tights that will let you scream, shout and let it all out!

The online store sells a range of super hot casual, evening and just plain outlandish tights and leggings as well as fabulous gym wear and is run by local girl Kelly Stegen. A friend introduced me to this site and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Their casual and everyday leggings range offers day-time appropriate leggings in candy stripes, polka dots, rainbow stripes, water colours and more that will add a little pizzazz to your everyday wardrobe, whereas their evening range offers slick blacks, bold colours and patterns and horizontal stripes that are sure to turn heads.

Some of my favourite items from their collection include the Spotty Kelzies (dark blue tights with small white polka dots – R120), Red Paisley (black tights with a striking red paisley pattern – R190),  Army Camouflage Kelzies (traditional camo style leggings – R180), Cherries and Cream Kelzies (white leggings with a super cute red cherry pattern – R240) and the Crosses Kelzies (a stunning pair of black leggings with an over-sized white cross pattern – R190). The range also includes a few leggings that can be used for dress-up and costume purposes like the black Skelton Kelzies which have a lumo skeleton printed on the front and back (R280).

Most of the items in the collection are one-size-fits-all but the store also offers a plus size range with the same funky patterns and designs for ladies who feel they would like a larger size. And, for teens who want to get funky there’s also a range of fun and fab tights featuring paw prints, cupcakes, and lumo colours. Orders can be emailed to Kelly who will then quote you on delivery costs for your order.  Check out their full range on their website and then use the contact details in the little pink box in the top right hand corner of this piece to get in touch with them.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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25 June 2018 at 09:56 am
Trashnie Madurai Good Day, I am looking for black evening wear leggings. Preferably something that has abit of sequined working on it. Thank You Trashnie
10 June 2015 at 11:31 am
Christelle Grobler I am looking for camouflage- /snake skin look-a-like leggings . . . can you assist?

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