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Shopping for furniture can be such a nightmare! Who has time to schlep from store to store searching for the perfect piece of furniture when you are met with nothing but disappointment at every turn? I mean, Murphy’s Law states that when you are on the hunt for a charcoal coloured side table each and every store you visit has decided that burnt orange is the new big thing. Luckily for all of us, and our petrol tanks, there’s a new kind of home decor shopping experience in town and it allows you to customise products to your home and style without leaving the comfort of your home. What a pleasure! Here’s why I am besotted with the Sit and Co online store and their amazing range of chairs, couches and ottomans.

Sit and Co is the brain child of brother and sister team Martin (of Martin Harris fame) and Sue, both of whom are super passionate about bringing beautiful, customisable furniture to South African homes. Their aim is to create a new type of shopping experience for shoppers, one that not only allows the client to customise their piece of furniture but also to do it in the easiest way possible. With Sit and Co all you need to do is browse, choose and customise – that’s it! The team then manufactures it and delivers it to you in as little as three weeks. The Sit and Co range is smaller and more affordable than brother Martin’s range in the Martin Harris collection and so opens up the designer's unique style and approach to furniture making to a much larger market of shoppers.

There are a range of products to choose from including chairs, ottomans, headboards, couches, cushions, floor cushions and poofs in various styles and all of them are of exceptional quality. The poofs for example are made using a tough fabric that will withstand the trauma of being squashed, sat on and leaned against, while inside you will find a mixture of comforel filling mixed with foam chips – this makes for a firm but comfy product that stands the test of time. Their ottomans are also made from sturdy materials and instead of being hollow inside (like most cheaper versions found at mass retailers) these are solid and built to last.

Once you’ve chosen the style of furniture you want you are then invited to choose from a range of fabrics to customise it with. The fabrics in the range are sourced from a variety of fabric suppliers who were chosen for their unique designs and excellent quality. There are some truly stunning fabrics available on the website and there really is something to suit every taste. But the customisation doesn’t stop there; they also customise the depth of the seats and the height of the couch or chair to your needs, and allow you to choose the colour of the couch or chair legs! The result is a piece of furniture that suits your every need and want.

But how much does all this cost? Well, it depends on you! The range includes items from as little as R350 (for scatter cushions with a down inner) to R16 000 for a couch. Basically, the more detail you need or want the more expensive your item, leaving you to design things that suit your budget. The team also places a huge focus on customer service and personalising your experience as much as possible – whether you shop online or visit their show room at U&G Fabrics in Kramerville for a test ‘sit’.

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By Crystal Espin
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