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Darlings, is it just me but do you also struggle with stubborn pimples, or worse still, acne in adulthood? Isn’t it just terrible especially with the thousands of facial products that never seem to help? This is a frustration we shouldn’t have to endure especially with the advancement of science.

With The POND’S Institute and their new range – Pimple Clear, our pimple and acne problems might just become a thing of the past sooner than later. The science behind this new range ensures your pimples are reduced, cleared, and no reappearances occur. Sounds fabulous right? Now you have a real chance to buy one product range and stick to it without having to change because of later resistance from pimple/ acne causing bacteria.

The Pimple Clear range consists of a face wash and a leave-on expert clearing gel. Use these two products twice a day and you’re guaranteed to see results in just three days. Three days! You no longer have to wait months to get the results you want right now. You can literally wake up singing like Beyonce, “I woke up like this - flawless” in the next three days and actually mean it because you can see the results. Just like that.

If you’re not convinced to try this range yet, visit Sandton Mall for The POND’S Institute activation happening by the Checkers court until the 12th of March. Hurry it up Darlings, go learn all the ins and out of the science behind this great new product, you might even score yourself a free hand massage while you get informed.

Use the hashtags #StopHiding and #ThePONDSInsitute on social media to learn more about the new range and those who have tried it.


by Cleo

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