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Darlings, our prayers have been answered! The god of fashion (you know she exists) has smiled upon us and brought into being jeans that lift, lift, lift your bum – no lunges necessary! I know it might sound like I am making this up but I promise it's real! So who is behind all this awesomeness? The Italians of course! Italian brand Freddy encompasses everything that is fabulous about Italian fashion, and now they have come up with an innovative and fabulous new product offer specially f...

Jeans That Lift Your Bum – Yes Please!

  There’s no doubt about it – without cute skirts, beautiful blouses, sassy trousers and pretty dresses life just wouldn’t be complete. I mean, how would we express our... Strut Your Stuff With Bibi Rouge By Sabrina Kennedy!    

  A rather fabulous male friend once proudly told me that he wanted to have children simply for aesthetic purposes – he adored children’s fashion and furniture so much that he had convinced himself that having kids was an absolute necessity. Sure, it’s an odd sta... Get Your Little Ones Kitted Out With Frilly Frog!    

  Darlings, you have no idea how excited I am to share today’s find with you all. You see, over the past few years I have developed an obsession with lingerie. Not a love of lingerie – a literal obsession. Corsets and bustiers, knee-high stockings, camisoles, baby doll sets, lacy bras &... Find Sexy Lingerie For Ladies Of All Sizes At The Corsetiere – True Story!    

  I am a serious Pinterest addict! Ok, I know what you’re thinking – isn’t everyone? The easy answer is no, because being an insanely good hoarder my Pinterest boards are more like a virtual Trousseau and instead of being filled with things that are relevant to short-term future C... Adorably Chic Clothing For Little Girls From Julina    

  Darlings, we only have a few more weeks left of summer (eep!) and for one am going to make sure I make the most of them by lazing by the pool as much as humanely possible! And, to make the lazing that much more enjoyable I’m going to be sporting a stunning bikini from a fabulous local swimw... Peaches Swimwear A Fashionista’s Dream!    

  Shopping for swimwear in South Africa can be a nightmare! Mostly because I’m sick and tired of finding the same bog-standard colours and designs in every store and I think it’s high time we get some sassier stuff here. Which is why I love today’s find so much! I actually discove... You’ll Love This Sassy Swimwear From T-Rex Couture!    

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