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I left shopping for my winter clothes WAY too late last year, and ended up getting highly annoyed because there was nothing left in my size. Well, this year, I am giving you a heads-up on a few fashion trends to keep in mind, as well as details of some fab new items that have just landed at Woolworths stores!

Wrap your brain around Autumn/ Winter fashion trends now...

  I have found it difficult, what with the bohemian phase, the 80s phase - and the myriad other phases that fashion has gone through – to simply find a plain black dress. Not an LBD, not a fune... No Such Thing As Too Much Two    

14 Dec 2011 2 Jewellery With a Pulse
  I’m a woman, I can’t help liking pretty, shiny things and rings have always been very personal and important elements in my life. I feel that they are a way to celebrate yourself as a person in a medium that you can carry around with you wherever you go; something you see every day, f... Jewellery With a Pulse    

09 Dec 2011 2 Doing a sterling job!
  If you like simple jewellery (and I like simple jewellery) that is of a fantastic standard, not just something you’ve (I’ve) bought a dozen of and seen all of your friends and not-so-friends wearing everywhere, you will love my latest find.  Doing a sterling job!    

  I get a little bit tired of seeing all of these gorgeous Joburgers in beautiful clothes, the likes of which I never seem to find in shops. That’s why, when I managed to get a peak at Jessica Rayne’s brand new collection, I felt that there was a bit more hope for the v... Vintage made gorgeous and modern    

  When you walk into Arwen’s shop, you are greeted by three things: the squawk of a colourful bird on her shoulder, a cup of brilliant coffee prepared by her partner Ben and his gorgeous old coffee machine, and the promise of an hourglass figure. Arwen Garmentry – a sartorial celebration of femininity    

15 Nov 2011 7 Hunter Wellies
  Hunter Wellies have been going for well over a century, but only recently have they become the international fashion must have that they are now. Hunter Wellies    

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