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Darlings, there really is a god of fashion! How else could you possibly explain the existence of a dedicated Forever New factory shop? A while ago we gave you a heads up on a little shop called Brandmania in Woodmead, which stocks a range of Aldo, Forever New, Nine West and Zoom garments at seriously low prices, and while I absolutely love that shop to bits I’ve always wished it would stock a few more Forever New goodies. I’m simply obsessed with Forever New and if it wasn’t...

The Forever New Factory Shop in Joburg – My New-Favourite Place On Earth!

  I’ve never been one of those girls who gets all prettied up for a workout - I’ve just never seen the point. To put it simply my workout clothes shelf is where clothes go to die – on that shelf lives a combo of old T-shirts that I wouldn’t be seen dead in otherwise, a few p... Get Pumped Up With Lorna Jane!    

  South African women come in all shapes and sizes and it’s high time the fashion retailers realised this fact. I’m not sure if they’re blind or just never leave their offices, but walk the streets of South Africa and you’ll quickly realise that a huge portion of South Afric... City Chic Celebrates Girls With Curves!    

  I have a confession to make; I have a little bit of an underwear obsession. I just can’t stop buying pretty bra and panty sets and I’m starting to run out of drawer space for my precious collection. But that’s not all there is to this story. You see, up until a few weeks ago I&r... Pandora Bra Is Your Breasts’ New Bestie!    

  Every girl has that one special dress that changed her life - whether it was the ball gown she wore to her Matric dance, a dress she bought for her first date with her now husband or her wedding dress - we tend to attach so much meaning to the things we don for special occasions. For me the dress... These Dresses Are Just Too Special!    

08 May 2013 4 Your Wardrobe Sorted!
  My name is Crystal and I’m a clothes hoarder. Over the last few years my cupboard has become a bit like a refugee camp for clothes. Trousers that no longer fit, T-shirts that are on their last leg and shoes that have been worn through – I no longer wear them but they’ve all set ... Your Wardrobe Sorted!    

  The invention of online shopping is quite possibly the worst thing to have happened to me – ever.  It’s just made it too damn easy for me to spend my money on fabulous finds and I’m always being caught by some or other fantastic deal by online retailers. My friends and fami... Sassy South African Fashion Items Online!    

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