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I bought a skirt a few years ago and, despite it being unlike anything I normally wear in cut, style and colour, it became the one thing I could never throw out, no matter how many closet cleanses it was privy to. This skirt came from Zara and ever since, the name has chimed in my mind whenever I crave a new centre piece for my fashion fantasies.

International fashion sensation ZARA has finally arrived!

  You’ve met them here before, but is now doing bigger and better things with their range this Spring and we thought we’d keep you ...  BEAUTIFUL COUTURE FROM THE WEB TO YOUR DOOR!    

  If there’s one thing I know about my readers, it’s that you love shoes just as much as I do! Which is why I thought you might be interested in a brand new range of footwear that launches this month! I’m Mad(den) about these shoes!    

28 Oct 2011 16 Shoe shopping!
  Oh, these shoes are going to be the death of me. Or rather, the death of my bank balance! I can’t stop looking at these photos and deciding which of them to buy... Shoe shopping!    

24 Aug 2011 17 Gorgeous Quirky Handbags
  I am a firm believer in investing in beautifully made handbags that have not just been grabbed off the shelf at your local Mall. A handbag is something you use each and every day, so make it one that you LOVE! Which is why I have a stunning Paul’s Boutique ... Gorgeous Quirky Handbags    

  It’s my birthday week and what better way to celebrate than by giving my readers a whole bunch of pressies?  (Yes, I really should be sainted one day!) So look out for our daily giveaways each day this week! Gorgeous shoes from Luella    

  I am passionately besotted with shoes – mostly because (unlike my jeans), I don’t need a “thin” pair and a “fat” pair! But give me a pair of sexy shoes and I am good to go for the entire day, with my confidence even higher than the heel! Which is why I am crazy... Fall in love with shoes – each day!    

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