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I’ve never been a huge fan of chocolate. I know I know, it’s weird. What kind of girl isn’t a huge fan of chocolate right? But before you tar and feather me for my obvious weirdness you need to understand that I don’t really have a sweet tooth. I am far happier munching on a bag of potato chips than sucking on a sweet and the only sweet stuff I really crave is fruit ... and Pepsi (that’s right I also prefer Pepsi to Coke, it just keeps getting more and more weird...

Sauvenier Chocolates Make The Best Chocolate You Will EVER Taste (No Jokes)

  Ok so don’t tell the boyfriend but I have recently fallen in love with a guy named Sam (gasp!) Mr Sam Moosa to be exact. He’s a triple threat of note (literally) and is the undeniable king of popular local triangular treat, the samoosa. Born and bred in South Africa Sam is hell-bent o... Sam Moosa Makes THE Best Samoosas In Joburg!    

  As much as I adore living in Joburg there are still things I miss about Cape Town, and one of those things is lazy Sunday afternoon lunches at Beluga. Their Sunday half-price sushi and cocktail special is nothing short of legendary in Cape Town, and sipping on one of their delicious cocktails whi... Thank the Heavens Above, Beluga Has Arrived in Joburg!    

  Darlings, there’s a new health food junkie in town and pretty soon they’re going to have us begging them for more, more, more of their yummy healthy salads, drinks and more. That’s right-  Cape Town import, Nü Health Food Café have arrived to he... Nü Health Food Café Makes Eating Healthy Easy and Fun!    

  I am thrilled to announce that Sandton just got a lot more interesting for the foodies of Joburg. If you love your food with all sorts of bells and whistles then you are going to die when you see this place. As much as I love a meal that’s big on taste and size, I also love nothing more tha... Attention Foodies: You Simply Must Try The Dining Room at Aficionado Bar    

  Darlings I have the most amazing news, Joburg finally has its very own creperie! Too long we have suffered creperie-less and I for one am glad those dark, dark days are behind us. If you’re not familiar with what exactly a creperie is then it’s time that you climbed out from under tha... Arbour Café Is Très Magnifique!    

  This Joburg’s Darling business has allowed me to meet some really incredible people – the most inspiring for me though are small business owners who are making their dreams happen through hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice. I feel like they should get some sort of award for doin... Rejoice - Decadence Cakes Has Arrived!    

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