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Darlings, do you avoid smiling because your teeth aren’t as white as they could be? Well, here’s some good news: there’s a safe and simple option that’s just hit the local market that’s sure to improve your smile alongside your standard brushing and flossing. Say hello to mud. tooth scrub!

Whiten Your Teeth The Natural Way With mud.

  Darlings, if you’re looking to take back your youth, I urge you to check out Medinova, one of South Africa’s leading scientific beauty centres. I recently paid them a visit for one of their newest, super-advanced treatments … and I’m super-excited to tell... Keep Your Skin Looking Young With Medinova    

  Darlings, I don’t know about you, but I find nothing more relaxing than getting my nails done … oh, you too? Fabulous! Well, on that note, you’ll be excited to know that I’ve found a nail salon with the best technicians in town, hands down. Darlings, say hello to ... Get Gorgeous Nails At Urban Escape    

  Indulging in beauty treatments is something I love doing but I often find that I just don’t have the time … don’t you feel the same way, Darlings? That’s why I’m so pleased I discovered the ClearLift Lunchtime Facelift … a wonderful treatment... Treat Yourself To A Lunchtime Facelift    

  Your eyebrows need to be on fleek all the time, but for those of us who aren’t blessed with naturally flawless face-framers, it usually requires professional assistance … and that’s right where Urban Brow comes in. The trendy new brow bar, which happens to be t... The Eyebrows Every Girl Dreams Of At Urban Brow    

  Let’s face it, Darlings … everyone wants the perfect skin. Some ladies are lucky and don’t have to do a thing for it – you know, those, who can eat Nutella out of a jar with a tablespoon before going to bed in full makeup and still wake up looking glowing... Renew Your Skin Through A Dermaceutic Milk Peel    

  I suppose if you think about it, coffee and cycling kind of go together. I mean, caffeine is as good a pre-workout as any (in my book, at least). What might seem a strange combo at first comes together beautifully in the Melrose Arch cycle shop and coffee bar all in one – Darlings, meet&nbs... The Perfect Pick-Me-Up At The Grind Coffee Company    

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