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I am always on the lookout for different ways to keep fit – anything that doesn’t involve a treadmill or stationary bike! A reader sent me details of Kangoo Jumps - low impact rebound sport shoes for designed for people of all ages, body types and fitness levels. Just 12 minutes a day is all you need – or join a group and go for a run!

Get your summer body ready – in 12 minutes a day!

  While I was beer-tasting at Gilroy’s Brewery on Saturday, Kirsty (a team member) was checking out The Wine School on my behalf! Apparently it was a resounding success, and an absolute must for couples or a group of friends! Feel free to start wining!    

  I was invited to a French Cooking Master Class in Bryanston via Twitter (you have to love the power of Social Media), and once I read the menu that would be prepared (and devoured later), I was hooked. What a fabulous evening – you will love it! Fabulous French Cooking Class    

  Award-winning artist, Rika Herbst, has pushed the boundaries of porcelain and combined the wonders of nature with artistry to offer a collection of unique pieces for both contemplation and enjoyment. Unleash your inner artist    

  Okay, so HOW gorgeous are these wall stickers? Just add a little water and you can decorate walls, toy boxes, chairs, mirrors, ceramic tiles and cupboards – all for around R100? Decorate a room – for R100!    

  I eat out a LOT (which is both a blessing and a curse) but it took a recent trip to the Mount Nelson in Cape Town for the whole concept of wine pairing to actually make any sense to me. And then I heard about a rather magical company here in Joburg that will let you try a wide variety of wines wh... Finally, wine is starting to make sense to me!    

  I discovered AcornKids when I was at Markex, and love their array of high quality children's products (especially the bath products that will keep them in the rub for a LONG time while “accidentally” getting clean!) Moms take note of these gorgeous children`s products!    

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