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I love things to be European and chic, I like a bit of polish and a lot of class; but every now and then, I find that all of that comes a rather vague second to something truly Joburg in nature. The absolutely fabulous Dunkeld Fruit and Flowers market is a great example of this.

A bouquet of true-to-Joburg goodness

  When South African chefs are rendered speechless by a homemade ice-cream that is so good that it should come with a warning label for your thighs, then you know that you are on to a good thing! Screamingly good ice-cream    

  Okay, that might be stretching it a little far, but not entirely. St Tropez are a brand of self-tanning products that you cannot do without, going into Spring, and their line isn’t pumped full of unnatural and scary chemicals; in fact, their two main ingredients are DHA (di... Sugar and raspberries to give you a Summer glow – no really!    

  I just love being reminded of how big Joburg is and that from the far corners of the West, to the deep South, we have talented and skilful people everywhere. The Krugersdorp based mother-daughter duo that make up Kelly Jayne are no exception! I just love their creativity and atte... Cakes and biscuits that are as pretty as pictures!    

  I have one plant. Well, had. I managed to kill a plant that needs watering twice a month; it’s a talent, I tell you. So, with my deficit in green thumbs, I decided to look elsewhere for that dose of fresh, floral goodness and found it in Ruby Mountain Flowers. Bring Spring gardens into your home, regardless of the weather!    

  I have never been overly keen on “image consultants” because no matter how good they are, you end up having to spend a royal fortune on clothes afterwards. Well, all that changed when I sat in (well, “lay in” actually as I was reclined on her bed the entire time) on a frie... What a PHENOMENAL experience!    

  Fantastic service, products you’ve never heard of and will be crazy-eager to try, and all of it organic and honest. is running in a very competitive race with a large number of online stores popping up, but having been around for five years already ... Faithful to Nature – Faithful to their customers    

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