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A few months ago I reviewed the healthy snack subscription New Leaf and let you in on my crazy snacking habits (seriously, I have snacks everywhere - my desk at work, at home, in my car, it’s quite crazy).  And, although I was blown away by New Leaf’s super clever healthy snack revolution, I know that it’s not exactly the answer for everyone. Some of us, including myself, also love the process of choosing our own snacks and choosing exactly how much or how little of it ...

O’ My Goodness, This Is Brilliant!

  I'm kind of sad that we’ve reached day five and the last day of our Joburg's Darling Wedding Series. We all know how fun it is to hear a bride talk non-stop about her wedding. As of Monday next week, I'm handing you back over to our wonderful full-time Joburg's Darling writer, Crystal. Wedding Series – Simple and Gorgeous Centrepieces From Loads of Flowers    

  A few months ago I decided to injure my knee on the netball court and have been out of action ever since. I haven’t been able to do much exercise and it has been killing me! It’s no secret that I hate the gym and I was struggling to find a form of exercise that was easy on my knee but... Discover The Joys Of Pilates At Olinia Pilates Studio!    

  If there’s one thing I absolutely loathe its diets. Mostly because they often force you to eat tasteless cardboard and I decided a long time ago that life is too short to deprive myself of delicious food. Luckily for me my most favourite foods are pretty healthy already so I’ve yet to... Eating Healthy Just Got Easier With Fit Chef!    

  There are just three things women need in this world – food, compliments and wine, lots and lots of wine. I love wine so much I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without it, and the only constructive criticism I would have for the wine industry in South Africa is ... Wine Lovers Rejoice For Thirsty Thursdays!    

  Over the past year and a bit I’ve donned many an apron and attended cooking class after cooking class, all in the name of blogging. I’ve done this because I have been determined to find the very best cooking classes in Joburg so that you, my Darlings, know exactly where to go when you... Dinner And A Show At The Kitchen Space!    

  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more horrible in this world than admin. It just sucks up all your precious time, and instead of doing super awesome stuff like enjoying a long lunch with your girlfriends you have to waste precious hours doing vomit-inducing tasks like renewing your dri... I’ve Finally Got My Very Own PA!    

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