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Darlings, we all know that finding the right cream or treatment for our skin can be a pain … and even heading to the dermatologist for a consultation seems like it will have you digging deep into your pockets! But then I came across Reset – a pollutant-free probiotic cream from GR8/SKN.

Get GR8SKN With This Perfect Probiotic Cream

  Let’s face it, cosmetic surgery has completely invaded our global culture, and more and more people are jumping off the ‘guilt and shame’ wagon that usually accompanies the desire to get a little work done. It’s true that body image forms a huge part of who we are, from ou... Top 5 Fabulous Non-Invasive Surgeries    

  Ladies, if you haven’t heard by now, long, luscious lashes are in! Sadly, we’re not all blessed with them … and some of us are just too impatient to wait for them to grow out. That being said, I recently paid a visit to Glamlash in Parkmore to get eyelash exten... Glam Up Your Lashes With Ease    

  Darlings, as I write this, I can barely move. No, I haven’t been hit by a truck … the reason I feel this way is because I’ve been to see a personal trainer. No pain no gain, right? Well I’m pretty confident that Wayne Lowenstein from FIT&... Shape Up At FIT With Wayne Lowenstein    

  Okay, be honest, how many times have you heard, “Darling, you need to take your vitamins if you want to be strong and healthy”? Yes, most of us have heard that speech before (mostly from mom, am I right?). The truth is that it can be tough to take the necessary supplements when we&rsq... Give Your Body A Boost With VIT-IT    

  Darlings, if you’re looking for a new go-to hang out spot for after work cocktails and a spot of sushi, have I got news for you - The Maslow Hotel’s Lacuna Bar has just launched their new sushi offering and it’s pretty spectacular … pop past Umai as soon ... Spectacular Sushi At Sandton’s New Offering    

  I’d like to think that there are quite a few things I know when it comes to taking care of my skin – that’s why I pride myself in trying anything and everything to do with innovative skincare. Having said that, finding Faeeza Sacoor, the owner of Sandton Beauty Clinic A Skin-Changing Experience At Sandton Beauty Clinic    

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