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20 Mar 2012 Sunshine in a Bottle

This is SUCH a fabulous idea – beautiful glass jars that soak up the sun during the day and light up at night. I have spent the entire weekend playing with this little ray of sunshine, and have to say that I am in love. (It will also make the most wonderful gift!)

Sunshine in a Bottle

16 Mar 2012 5 What a Peech!
  Unobtrusively situated next door to the Wanderer’s Planet Fitness, where you wouldn’t expect one of South Africa’ s best hotels to be, is The Peech Boutique and Bistro.  What a Peech!    

  Kayla came home from school the other day with a flyer that caught my attention, largely because I remember battling to make homemade food for her when she was younger. I still sometimes resort to a few kiddies’ meals from the shop up the road, but worry about how much salt they contain.&nb... A God-send for moms and toddlers    

  I don’t know about you, but I’m a little picky when it comes to my coffee. I’m happy to send a burnt or weak cup back. It’s the thing that enables me to face people in the morning, the thing that keeps me going when lunch time is too far and the thing that helps me wind do... Bold statement alert: I have found Joburg’s best coffee!    

  There’s nothing quite like a gimmick to get my attention, especially when it’s something that I don’t need a manual or a keyboard to engage. That’s why I really love SoyLites. A little self-pampering spa treatment all on one glass    

01 Mar 2012 16 Puzzle it out!
  Okay – so this is soooooo clever! Instead of a guest book at your wedding or birthday party, have each guest write a message to you on a puzzle piece that will form part of a beautiful framed picture at home! Puzzle it out!    

  Situated just after The Goodman Gallery (if you’re heading towards the zoo) on Jan Smuts, Hadeda delights you first with its -what I can only call Mexican blue- walls that call you off from the street, onto the premises. Once you’ve entered, your brain automatically s... Not the type you shoo out of your garden...    

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