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I have never been overly keen on “image consultants” because no matter how good they are, you end up having to spend a royal fortune on clothes afterwards. Well, all that changed when I sat in (well, “lay in” actually as I was reclined on her bed the entire time) on a friend’s consultation with Glynis Mackenzie from Living On Purpose. I was completely and utterly BLOWN AWAY by the entire process and cannot recommend her enough. Y...

What a PHENOMENAL experience!

  Fantastic service, products you’ve never heard of and will be crazy-eager to try, and all of it organic and honest. is running in a very competitive race with a large number of online stores popping up, but having been around for five years already ... Faithful to Nature – Faithful to their customers    

  Sample boxes seem to be the in thing at the moment, but I’ve yet to come across anything quite as spectacular as The Ooh Box. For only R395 a month, you get on average R580 worth of wines and teas and fudge and and and… You get the picture. Ooh Box – More like “Ooh, aah, YUM!… glug, glug ,glug” box.    

  When I first heard about CAKE ALCHEMY at Annica’s, I almost sobbed at the idea alone! Four courses of cake, each paired with champagne, whisky, port and cognac. Of course, I had to try it out on your behalf. I am unselfish that way! This just TAKES the cake!    

  I am so besotted with these Giant Garden Games. Never mind hiring them for a children’s birthday party, I want to invite a whole bunch of friends over, get silly on Pimms & Lemonade and spend the afternoon playing! Big games that even the adults will want to play!    

  I have to admit that I am craving one of these gorgeous water filtration dispensers (especially as they come in a range of colours, including DUCK EGG BLUE!) I could weep at how funky they are! Filtered water hot; Filtered water cold    

  You know, really! Here I am, slaving away day after day to find you all these wonderful things to do in Joburg, and then I stumble upon something that has been around for 24 years, and not ONE of you thought to tell me about it? Bad readers! Bad BAD readers! You COULD have told me about this before now!    

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