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It’s been one of those chaotic days, and all I can think about is that glass of wine when I get home this evening. This means I’ll have to swing past the shop and grab a bottle of Cab Sav (to die for) – but hands up those of you who feel that wine-aisle anxiety? You know, when these bottles stare at you and you end up buying something just because the label “looks nice”.

JD's Guide To Wine Tasting

  Darlings, every now and then we all need a sugar overload. For those of you with a sweet tooth, we’ve got just the thing… or the service at least.  Getting Your monthly Sweet-Thing Fix    

  Winter days are here, and while most Joburgers hide from the shadows cast by the city’s skyscrapers to avoid the cold, Chef Russell Armstrong from Exclusive Books’ Social Kitchen & Bar in Hyde Park is dangling a Mediterranean-inspired carrot to entice you to leave the house with h... Eating Mediterranean This Winter    

  Darlings, in medieval times, a jester was employed by a nobleman or monarch to entertain him and his guests. The heavyweights of South African comedy are by no means jesters, but they certainly do know how to squeeze a giggle from thin air.  Everybody Deserves To Laugh    

  Darlings, as healthcare becomes more and more expensive, prevention is the way forward for all of us… and that doubles for winter when the sniffles come knocking.  Beating The Flu This Winter    

  Darlings, join us on Saturday 17 June for a fun-filled workout session with the Lean Girl Guide. You will feel sexy, motivated and energised by this. Also, we're doing a little bit of a giveaway, so this is totes worth your while.  Let's Get Sexy On Saturday    

  If you’re an illustrator with serious talent looking to get a big break, this could be it. MTV Breaks is searching for creative illustrators and colourists to translate the multi-award winning television drama series MTV Shuga into a unique and original comic book. Have You Got What It Takes?    

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