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How do you ladies feel about colouring your hair? Personally, I’m not a big fan of it … anymore. If I’m being honest – I used to colour my hair all the time. Then one day I realised that I actually like my natural hair colour (anyone out there agree?). That’s perhaps why I was so eager to try out the glossing treatment at LDR in Bedfordview.

Gloss Up Your Locks At LDR

  Darlings, our Chief Entertainment Officer, Ryan, is always up for a fine dining experience (you might’ve noticed this by now) … and if that means driving a bit of a distance to have one … well, what’s wrong with a little adventure? Now that Ryan has sampled their new men... Gourmet Gastronomy At Protea Hotel Ranch Resort    

  Darlings, I’ve got amazing news … Crystal Clear in Rosebank is setting the bar in anti-aging with their Black Pearl products. I recently got to experience their 90-minute Gold Facial (yes that’s right &hellip... The Black Pearl Facial Is Worth More Than Gold!    

  Be honest, when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and didn’t moan about your complexion or the texture of your skin? We’ve all been there – although between you and me, I believe that every skin type has something beautiful and unique about it (hands up if y... Revive Your Skin With Babor    

  It’s a new season, Darlings (as if you haven’t noticed) … so there’s no need to stick to those wintery makeup shades anymore! It’s time to bring out the vibrant colours and brighten up your look! To do just that, GOSH Cosmetics has come up with a Sp... A Spring Fling With GOSH Cosmetics    

  If you’re anything like me, yoga can seem a bit boring. Well, that’s what I thought … until I tried Zen Hot Yoga’s 10-day beginner special. Darlings, let me tell you that I’ve completely changed my mind about this amazing form of exercise! Sweat It Out At Zen Hot Yoga    

  As a little girl, I had no idea how much my eyebrows would mean to me someday. Now that I’m an adult, leaving the house with imperfect brows is like leaving the house without pants! Well-groomed brows can make you look polished, while ungroomed brows can make you look messy. Over-tweezed br... How To Wow Your Brows In Five Simple Steps    

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