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I’m very sorry but I’m about to TMI you (yes I just used TMI as a verb), and for those of you who don’t know what TMI means it stands for ‘too much information’. I’ve never really been a huge fan of my feet – mostly because for as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from annoying calluses and dry skin (that’s what I get for trying to stay active with four netball games a week). To make matters worse the rest of the skin on my body is also...

DMK Is Rescue Remedy For Your Skin!

  Darlings, it’s going to be nothing but great hair days for me from now on. Why? Because the legendary Gary Rom Hairdressing of Pretoria fame has finally made its way to Joburg! I’d always heard great things about Gary Rom but driving to Pretoria on a regular basis jus... My New-Favourite Hair Salon!    

  Getting dressed every morning is seriously hard! Some mornings I wake up and don’t even have the mental capacity to match colours properly let alone put together a show stopping outfit. So, I usually just end up grabbing the things that require the least amount of thought. But, deep down in... Get A Mini Makeover with Tracy Gold!    

  Let’s face it; spas are not for everyone. Some women just don’t enjoy the awkwardness of the spa experience, and would rather watch Miley Cyrus’ cringe-worthy VMA performance non-stop for twenty four hours straight than put themselves through the spa ritual. And, if you think yo... Luna Mobile Spa Brings The Spa To You!    

  A few days ago I told you about how you could get all your beauty needs met in one convenient place at Skin Elements and today I’ve found yet another one-stop-shop but this time it’s all about wellness and making sure your mind and body are in tip-top shape as well. This fabulous spot... Achieve Full Body Wellness at Riverside Wellness Centre    

14 Oct 2013 3 I Heart Greenland!
  If there’s one thing I always have on me it’s hand cream. I can’t stand the feeling of having dry hands so I’ve got jars, bottles and tubes of hand cream stashed in every nook and cranny of my house and anywhere else I could possibly need hand cream – you’ll fi... I Heart Greenland!    

  I don’t think men appreciate how much work goes into being a well-groomed woman. I mean, it’s a level of upkeep that they can’t even begin to fathom – there’s nail grooming (toes and hands), facials, body hair maintenance and of course there’s that lovely mop o... A One-Stop Beauty Shop At Skin Elements!    

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