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By now I’m sure you’re all up to speed with my feud with Mother Nature due to her decision to smite me with incredibly sensitive skin. In the past I’ve waxed lyrical about fabulously soothing and healing beauty finds that have helped me combat this curse, and while these products were a real gem of a find, there’s always been something missing. I’ve found creams and potions to soothe and moisturise the face, hands, feet and body but I just couldn’t find any...

Well That’s Just Treemendus!

  I’ve never been big into the idea of makeup. It probably has a little to do with the fact that my mom never really wore much makeup either, and a lot to do with the fact that I feel a little clown like when my face is plastered with heavy makeup. But, show me a makeup brand that is all abou... Makeup That will Blow Your Socks Off!    

  I’m a little overprotective of my hair and am incredibly fussy about the way it’s cut – so much so that picking a new hairdresser is even more stressful than picking a man to date. When you’ve had as many bad haircuts as I have you tend to become a little obsessive about t... I Paid a Visit to the Hair Whisperer!    

  I’ve never been too fussed with spending ages applying makeup. My morning makeup routine takes all of 10 minutes – 5 minutes of the process consists of a quick application of mascara and an even quicker application of eyeliner, and that’s it. The other 5 minutes is spent painsta... Lovely, Fuss-Free Lashes!    

  I got the opportunity to visit the most gorgeous spa last week and fell in love with its modern chic design and oh-so-tranquil atmosphere. Situated in the middle of bustling Rosebank is the ultra chic Life Day Spa – a place where luxury and relaxation are the order of the d... Relaxation Personified in Rosebank!    

  Nothing ruins a beautifully made up face like wonky eyebrows! Your eyebrows frame your face and are largely responsible for making your peepers look bright and sparkly. Despite this, many women don't pay much attention to the upkeep of their brows – I’m ashamed to say I go through sta... And Now for Some Eyecandy    

  Ladies I’ve got exciting news! RAIN Urban Boutique Spa – a women-only spa – has just opened its doors in Rosebank. Last week I got to pop through for a sneak peek of the spa and totally fell in love with it! A Wondrous Place Just For Us Girls    

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