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The Saxon Spa and Studio has to be one of Joburg’s finest spas (it must be true – Oprah loves it!)

The Saxon Spa and Studio

29 Sep 2011 4 Skin and Science
  One of my readers wrote in and asked me to help her find a good skin care range that didn’t cost the earth. Seeing as though I DO like a challenge, I did some research and came up with a winner. Skin and Science    

23 Sep 2011 5 Heavenly massages
  I tend to be quite grumpy a lot of the time, because working behind a computer for most of the day results in quite a bit of back and neck pain. That being said, it feels quite ... extravagent ... to book myself in for a full body massage. So when I heard that Body Therapy offers... Heavenly massages    

  So called “medi spas” are quite the trend these days, where women are no longer looking for “feel good” treatments, but ones which will actually treat, heal and restore their skin. I tried one such treatment yesterday, and quickly booked for another four. (You’ll wan... Yes, you CAN have beautiful skin    

  I was rather delighted to hear that Spiezia (pronounced Spee – ett – zee – ah) and Balm Balm, two skincare product ranges certified as 100% organic in the UK, have just launched in South Africa. New skincare products launch in SA!    

  I was rather stunned to find that Clarins has a Skin Spa in Waverley – who knew? And of course, I just HAD to road-test one of their facials, and came away with glowing skin and a firm resolve to stick to a better skincare routine! Clarins Facial – for skin that glows!    

  Next week, we will officially launch into spring! I can’t wait to get a fabulous pedicure, haul out my summer sandals, and start getting rid of the pale winter skin that has been hiding under many layers for the past few months. Enter Caribbean Tan – an instant, safe ... Go bronze this summer with Caribbean Tan    

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