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I’m quite lazy when it comes to beautifying myself. I don’t really have the time or the inclination to fuss about with copious amounts of self-pampering so I stick to the basics and a “meh, that will do” attitude. One of my pet hates when it comes to my beauty routine has got to be nail polish – I mean, why bother spending hours painstakingly applying the stuff if it’s going to chip in a day? It’s just silly. So, when I heard whisperings about a new n...

Natural Nail Polish That Lasts For A Week!

  Never underestimate the power of a good manicure. Like a great new haircut it has the power to make you feel like you really have your life together. It’s that facade that I appreciate the most. I mean, no one would suspect that a woman with fabulously manicured nails has two day’s wo... Perfect Manis And Pedis At Nails At Shepherds    

  I must confess, I’m super lazy when it comes to looking after my skin. At the moment my strategy is to get by with as little effort as possible, and my skin regime consists of nothing more than cleanser, toner (when I remember) and moisturiser. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like ... Give Your Skin A Treat At Fat Girl Slim    

  I’m a bit of a dunce when it comes to applying make-up, and when I do feel like being a little adventurous with colours and different techniques I almost always end up looking clownish rather than fabulous. And so, I decided that at this stage in my life I’d rather wear very little or... Clinique’s Chubby Sticks Are Like Eye Shadow For Dummies!    

  In the past week two of my friends have given birth to healthy, bouncy babies so today’s blog post is really an ode to them. While I myself am not pregnant, and haven’t had had the pleasure as of yet, I know how important it is to take care of yourself during your pregnancy. And no, I... A Place For Mommies to Indulge!    

  Today’s blog is a little different in that I’m not starting off with a long-winded and self-indulgent intro (and we know how much I love those!) But rather I’m going to tell you all about a fabulous competition with Read More... Get Your Nails Done For A Steal in Parkhurst!    

  I’ve been taking shameless selfies all week! No, I haven’t lost my mind and suddenly become a self-obsessed schmodel, I’ve actually been taking the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference BB Cream no filter challenge. The task was simple – Elizabeth Arden sent ... Say Goodbye To Filters With The New Elizabeth Arden BB Cream!    

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