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As strange as this may sound, I used to loathe ‘wasting’ money on manicures. I love having beautifully manicured nails but because my nails hate me, my pretty manicure wouldn’t even last so much as a day before chipping and snagging on equally hateful clothing, handbags, car doors and cold drink cans. But then I discovered the joys of gel polish and suddenly I could get a few days, even a week's wear out of a manicure. It was like my life had changed and the world was now my...

Gorgeous Nails For Days With Spa Where You Are!

  There’s no question about it – I am so in love with today’s find and I’m sure you will be too! As you know I love telling you all about my favourite hair salon finds all over Joburg – I trek near and far in search of the most fabulous and most affordable hair salons ... Smooch – A Home Salon Like No Other!    

  I never thought of myself as someone who would want or need hair extensions. My hair is quite long (at least I thought it was before this exercise) and thick and I always thought hair extensions were for other people. But, after having tried a set of Front Row hair extensions for... Get Longer, Fuller Hair With Front Row Hair Extensions!    

  Being a girl can be oh-so-tiresome ... and expensive! I mean, when was it decided that we have to spend countless amounts of money on looking pretty? The list of things we have to do on a monthly basis is quite crazy really - manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair dos, the list goes on and on! Which ... Give Your Home Manis And Pedis A Professional Twist    

  As you know I’m currently on a mission to find the right skincare regime for my skin and it hasn’t been easy! Of course, because of Joburg’s Darling, I have been quite lucky in that I’ve gotten the opportunity to try so many different brands and then report back on them to... What The Skincare Companies Don’t Tell You    

  I’ve featured loads of beauty products and skincare brands on the blog over the years but I have yet to find anything quite like today’s find. Most beauty ranges contain a million and one products, each with a different use and purpose, and I don’t know about you but I find it h... Human+Kind – A Multi-Tasking Skincare Brand Of Note!    

  Girls (and guys): today’s beauty review is going to be a little bit different than usual because I’ve reviewed a well-known skincare range that we are all aware of but, like me, probably never got around to trying. For the past few years I’ve been on the hunt for THE skin care r... Why You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Be Using Dermalogica    

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