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Planning your beauty routine for a special occasion like a wedding, Matric dance or birthday can be a bit of a nightmare – I mean, planning the event itself is enough of a headache without having to worry about where you are going to get your hair, make-up, nails, waxing and more done. But let’s face it - there’s no point in throwing the most fabulous event in the history of ever and then doing your own hair and make-up. It just wouldn’t be right. The only problem with...

Affordable Pampering For Your Special Day at Adamant Beauty!

  A little while ago I featured an organic in-salon tanning product and waxed lyrical about how I was completely blown away by the fact that we no longer had to be subjected to spray tans that took ages to dry and left you smelling like wet bread. And now, just in time for the long awaited arrival ... Get Ready for Spring With TanOrganic!    

  Lately I've been thinking a lot about what drives me in life – the one thing that motivates me to get up out of my warm, cosy bed in the morning. I am not sure why I have suddenly decided that I need to figure this out; maybe it's the fact that winter has seemed far too long this year and I... Be a Natural Beauty with Rahua!    

  This might sound a little too much like a conspiracy theory but Inglot Cosmetics has been following me everywhere! Luckily it’s not quite time to get out the tinfoil hat as I’m not sure if it’s the ‘Recency Effect’ or if they have actually been sendi... If You Haven’t Tried Inglot Yet Then You’ve Been Missing Out!    

  It is official; I have a brand new obsession – hair feathers! I can’t get enough of them and am slowly collecting them in every colour (well at least that’s the plan). So far I have three different colours and am already making plans to buy more. If you have no idea what I am on... Add a Little Bit of Fun to Your Hair With Feather Friends!    

  Darlings, in a move that can only be described as a moment of insanity I threw out ALL of my hair products – and there were A LOT of them! Ok so you all know the long (boring) story about my constant battle with my hair - one day it’s frizzy, the next day it’s flat and the next ... Inoar Launches New Extreme Premium Oil – A Hero Product of Note!    

  I’m pretty terrible when it comes to shopping for make-up and to be perfectly honest I find the whole thing quite intimidating. Besides not knowing which colours to choose or what makes one make-up brush better than another, I absolutely loathe spending loads of money on product unless I kn... Finally, a Make-Up Brand That Won’t Break The Bank!    

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