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A very wise Chinese man once said "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one." I’m not so sure about the whole food deprivation thing, but I agree with the sentiment that a day without tea really isn’t much of a promising day at all. I just love the ritual of drinking tea and the fact that it comes in all sorts of yummy flavours that are just too good to resist. I’m also a huge fan of massages (but who isn’t) and so you can only imagine how excited...

Yummy Teas AND Super Relaxing Massages – What A Fabulous Combination!

  I’m sure you’re all fed up about hearing about how the Joburg winter is bullying my skin, but I need to bring it up one more time (I’m lying, this won’t be the last time I quite enjoy complaining) to tell you all about the fabulous facial experience that I had last week. T... You Have To Try This Facial!    

  I’ve never been one of those girls that plasters on make-up. I much prefer to go with the natural look – mostly because I have better things to do than spend an hour applying make-up every morning and also because I just can’t stand the feeling of having too much stuff on my fac... I’m Smitten With This Make-Up Brand!    

  I’ve got incredibly thick hair, which I love, but there is a downside to having an over-abundance of hair - those annoying little baby hairs constantly popping out on your hairline! When I was younger I thought I was super clever and used to give them a quick chop with a pair of scissors (I... Have Fabulous Hair On The Go!    

06 Jun 2013 Cool As Ice!
  A few weeks ago I went to the launch of a brand new nail polish brand and it’s about time I came out and told you all about it. At the launch I heard all sorts of fab things about the brand but I wanted to wait and test it out for myself before I decided if it was worth sharing with all you... Cool As Ice!    

  Today I’ve got a cracker of a find for you. Over the past few months I’ve had so many complaints from fabulous ladies who just can’t afford to keep up their beauty regimes any more – they’ve said cheers to that expensive face wash and kissed monthly manis and pedis g... Ssssshhhh This Place Is Our Little Secret!    

  Being Joburg’s Darling is tough work! I mean, on a daily basis I put my body on the line just to bring you the very best Joburg has to offer.  I’ve stuffed my face with food, been primped and preened and have tortured myself testing out the latest and greatest in exercise crazes ... Perfection Personified in Boskruin!    

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