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Living in Jozi can be super tough on your skin – especially in winter! It’s so incredibly dry up here and I’m still getting used to the idea that I need to pay extra attention to my skin. In Cape Town I would stick to a basic cleanse and moisturise routine and my skin wouldn’t break out or go all red and splotchy (like it does now!) And so, I’ve decided to be a lot better behaved when it comes to taking care of my poor moisture-deprived skin and have started putt...

Superfood for Your Skin!

  Seven years ago I was introduced to a very special someone who changed my life – that special someone was a ghd hair straightener. The trusty straightener has been with me through thick and thin (well, thick and curly) and I couldn’t believe how much it changed my hair and the way I s... Finally A Pro Hair Straightener That Won’t Break The Bank    

  I hate to complain but being Joburg’s Darling is hard work! I’m always running around from one place to the next and, because Murphy wouldn’t have it any other way, forgetting things along the way (my phone, my trusty notebook, my laptop ... the list goes on). I mean, some days ... Holy Sherbet I Found a New Favourite Mani-Pedi Spot!    

30 Apr 2013 4 Saddle Up Sister!
  When I told friends in Cape Town that I was moving up to Joburg the reaction was less than enthusiastic. Mostly people gasped (a lot) and just stared at me in complete disbelief. You see, we Capetonians are quite mesmerised by our beautiful city and we can be quite smug about how beautiful it is.... Saddle Up Sister!    

  Nothing turns a horrible day around like a fabulous blow dry and every woman will tell you that there’s just something magical about hair salons. You can walk in feeling frumpy and down in the dumps and walk out feeling like you’re ready to take on the world using nothing but your pin... The Best Blowout in Town!    

  By now I’m sure you’re all up to speed with my feud with Mother Nature due to her decision to smite me with incredibly sensitive skin. In the past I’ve waxed lyrical about fabulously soothing and healing beauty finds that have helped me combat this curse, and while these product... Well That’s Just Treemendus!    

  I’ve never been big into the idea of makeup. It probably has a little to do with the fact that my mom never really wore much makeup either, and a lot to do with the fact that I feel a little clown like when my face is plastered with heavy makeup. But, show me a makeup brand that is all abou... Makeup That will Blow Your Socks Off!    

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