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I had my first massage at a spa when I was 18 years old and remember being decidedly underwhelmed. I just didn’t see the point, the massage therapist spent the entire hour lightly stroking my skin and I definitely didn’t feel relaxed afterwards. I didn’t go for another massage until I was 23 (I’m stubborn like that) when I realised that, when done properly, massages are so much more than just a light stroking of the skin! Now, whenever I’m feeling a little r...

Amani Spa - A Room With a View!

  I grew up under the impression that problem skin fades with age and that all women eventually have beautiful skin because Hollywood told me so. Ha! What a myth. As it turns out, I don’t know a single person with perfect skin, but what I do know is that Urban Lifestyle have ... It’s time for a bit of pampering, don’t you think? Win an Environ Facial!    

  International beauty phenomenon Kiehl’s have arrived on South African shores – at last! Why are they a phenomenon? Well, for starters, they have never advertised (in 163 years!), have never paid for a spokesperson, and their company conduct is unlike any I have ever s... Over 160 years of skin care experience and boy do they have it right! Win just under R1000 worth of products!    

  Call off the search – I’ve found the miracle potion! Well, potions (plural). I’ve recently discovered Tranquil Body Treats and I insist you sit there while I wax lyrical about how fantastic their products are. Tranquil Body Treats - heaven in a bottle!    

  My inner girly-girl is fast becoming my outer girly-girl with all these stunning places popping up all over the place and Tanvi is certainly one of the more special ones. Not only do they do stunning manicures that seriously lasted longer than any I’ve ever had (I think I h... Tanvi has everything you need to beautify!    

  I am such a fan of Illovo Junction at the moment. There’s secure parking now, incredible restaurants and little establishments popping up all over the place, but what I didn’t expect to find was the tranquillity and astounding stylishness of Enmasse. I’m officia... Step out of the city into relaxation paradise!    

  I’ve never been a lippy girl – the hassle of having to constantly reapply and that dreadful caked, dry feeling on my lips had me giving up on wearing lipstick years ago.  Until now – I am thrilled to say I have been converted (well almost). I’ve Been Bitten, and Now I’m Smitten!    

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